Why invest in Dubai?

 Dubai has visitors from across the globe coming here for business, exhibitions, conferences, shopping and entertainment or on their annual family holiday. Known for its diversity and being the melting pot of cultures in the Middle East, the Emirate has amongst the best tourism infrastructure in the world, and is seeing tourism numbers growing at over year on year at over 10%.

  • Dubai has the most diversified economy in the GCC with very little dependence on oil and a surge in tourism, trade, real estate and financial services.
  • Economic growth of 3% in 2011, 4.5% GDP growth in 2012 and 5% growth in 2013 shows recovery from the slump in 2009.
  • Tourism, trade, transportation and logistics account for 60% of Dubai’s economy in 2012.
  • Post – Arab Spring Dubai and UAE seen as a safe and stable investment and tourist destination.
  • Dubai Financial Market (DFM) General Index surging by 22.77 % in the Q1 2013
  • UAE corporate earnings grow by 100 %in 2012 over 2011
  • Dubai has emerged as a trading center for gold and precious metals, diamonds, precious stones, energy (fuel trading and natural gas) and other industrial goods.
  • Direct exports of Dubai in 2012 have reached 70 billion Dhs (an increase of 24% – in 2011).
  • The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) estimates 7.2 % growth annually till 2015 and have forecasted the number of tourist arrivals to increase to 14 million.
Source: Press and Market Reports, HBB Research